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Harmony House Wellness
Whole Soul Health
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Jenn Mendoza


Virtual & In-Person
13011 SW 132nd St
Miami, FL 33186

Jennifer Mendoza

About Jenn

Jenn Mendoza is a dedicated Spiritual Life Coach, Self-Love Coach, Trauma Recovery Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Channel, Hypnotherapist, and Lightworker. With a deep commitment to holistic healing and personal growth, Jenn integrates diverse modalities to support clients on their journeys toward self-discovery and empowerment. Specializing in trauma recovery and self-love, Jenn combines intuitive guidance, energy work, and hypnotherapy to facilitate profound transformations. With extensive training and a compassionate approach, Jenn creates a nurturing space for healing, helping clients to reconnect with their inner strength and light.

Harmony House Wellness, founded by Jenn Mendoza, is a sanctuary dedicated to holistic healing and personal transformation. At Harmony House Wellness, we specialize in providing comprehensive services, including spiritual life coaching, self-love coaching, trauma recovery coaching, Reiki, intuitive channeling, hypnotherapy, and lightwork. Our mission is to empower individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing, fostering a deeper connection with their true selves. 

With Jenn’s extensive expertise and compassionate approach, Harmony House Wellness offers a nurturing and supportive environment where clients can achieve profound growth and lasting well-being. Join us at Harmony House Wellness, where we harmonize mind, body, and spirit to create a balanced and fulfilling life.

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